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  • So, here’s a little story from Austin Comic Con.

    See me, in the Batgirl cosplay? I was at Austin Comic Con to both promote The D20 Girls Project, a non-profit and community of girls all shapes and sizes that love all things gaming, comic book, sci-fi, anime, cosplay, you-name-it… and Cosplay for the Cause, taking pictures of congoers in cosplay or with cosplayers (like me) to raise money for Safe Place, a battered woman’s shelter in the Austin, Texas area.

    I have never had little kids run up to me and want a picture. Ever. And this little girl (adorably dressed as Supergirl!) wanted a picture with me.

    I love cosplay. I love getting to lose myself in character once in a while. But I’ve never been so touched emotionally as a cosplayer as I was in this moment. 

    Tony Harris can bash me as a female cosplayer and say whatever the hell he wants about me and my love of comic books. What matters is that I know what I love, and this girl being excited to see me in cape and cowl made my day.

    Happy Cosplay Appreciation Day. 

    November 13 – 7 Notes
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