Call me Saki or Fox. They/Them/Their.
I cosplay, trick, play video games, dance, sing, and weight train.
Do you want to be best friends forever?
  • Slumgullions tonight! 7 March 2013.

    We gun play:

    • Draw My Thing
    • L4D (2)
    • Worms Revolution
    • Castle Crashers
    • And more! (maybe)

    As soon as I have the link, I’m posting it.

    (Sorry this is so soft; I recorded in the computer lab on campus and I fear for my LIFE.)

    March 7 – 7 Notes
    #shit I gotta getto my midterm NOW
    1. weirderstar said: This is great. Happy birthday!
    2. hauntedtesty said: 6pm est right? sooo about 11pm gmt?
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